Mayrath Augers

Mayrath  augers come a variety of diameters and lengths with galvanized tubes, heavy duty flight, new tires and spouts.

Harvest International Augers

Harvest International Augers come with Powder Coat Plus paint, Iron Edge flight, Low Transport heights and new tires.

Ag Leader Technology

Ag Leader offers a complete line of precision farming products that help growers plan, plant, apply, harvest and manage water and data more efficiently and accurately.


DigiFarm is committed to providing the highest accuracy, reliability, and security for your precision farming systems.

Wolf Ag Solutions

Grain Equipment & Ag Technology

Established in 1978 Wolf Grain Systems grew into one of Mayrath’s higher volume dealers selling augers throughout the Midwest Corn Belt. Harvest International Augers, Legend Trailers and B&B Trailers were added to the product line in 2014.

2016 saw a new name emerge, Wolf Ag Solutions, incorporating new technologies for farmers throughout the Midwest. AgLeader, Beck’s Hybrids, Meridian and DiGiFarm are some of the companies we represent, designed to enable your farm to be more productive and profitable.

Give us a call today at 217-896-2192 to learn more about our products and learn how we can help you incorporate groundbreaking technology within your farming operation.

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Wolf Ag Solutions

Customer Testimonials

“I was looking for an auger dealer that was serious about augers. Although they were 30 miles away from my base, it seemed every time I passed by Wolf Grain Systems they had a very respectable display of Mayrath Augers on hand.

In asking around, I also found out they stocked LOTS of parts. Upon stopping by one day, Terry had a very good knowledge of his product. He told me a price that I liked the first time, no need for bickering.

When I arrived to pick up my new auger, it was serviced and ready to go. No surprises. I have very few equipment sellers that I put on my premium seller list, but Wolf Grain Systems is on it. I am confident that he will be my auger dealer as long as I need augers.”

Cam Brown

Harvest Farms, Inc., Brocton, IL

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